Anonymity, Damnit!

Someone visited this blog the other day and it shows that they found me by googling part of my old blog url. I didn’t know that it was connected to this blog in a way that it could be found! The whole point of starting this new one was to have the freedom to spill my guts without certain parties being privvy to my ramblings.

So, I’ve been googling myself (that just sounds wrong…) trying to see where else I show up on the internet. This is something I have done before (and haven’t gone blind, yet…). But things are showing up now from things I did two years ago that did NOT show up in google a year ago. That’s kind of scary.

When I was active on my old blog, I apparently signed up for every social blogger network that I could in order to drive traffic to my blog. I’m now suddenly finding myself in places I don’t remember ever being (and I was even sober…) and trying to delete these accounts. Some of them make that rather difficult to do! Like Technorati. I was able to unlink my blog, but I could not delete my profile or even change my name and e-mail.

So, I’m not so sure what to do now. Maybe I will need to move this to a new domain. What a pain. It’s not that I don’t want to be read, I just don’t want to be read by certain people.

I don’t know…I’m probably asking for too much.

(Yes, that really is a word…)

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