“I Didn’t Go Further in Debt…

…I got A LOAN!!!”

That’s what Soon-to-be Ex defensively said to me when I expressed my concern about him buying a 2010 “bumblebee” sports car.

We are upside down on our mortgage and he is supposedly working to resolve that by paying down debts that he has incurred and negotiating with the mortgage company, claiming hardship circumstances. He has also told me that I should work more because he wants to pay less child support.

So, why can’t I be excited for him when he gets a thirty-something-thousand dollar dick-head car? He said he got a great deal! One that he couldn’t refuse!



Compensation for a small . . . brain.

Ann Optimus Prime

P.S. Click on the car for a more accurate view (in this case).

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  1. omg, so funny. the close up, I’m dying.

  2. Um, the mortgage company won’t look too kindly upon someone who just bought a brand new car and is supposedly in “hardship.” Ugh, I feel for you! Dumbass is right.

    And work more so he doesn’t have to support his kids as much? I don’t think so!

    And that clicky is hilarious!

  3. Wow! What an ass, on top of being a dumbass. Hard to claim hardship when your making purchases like that. I can’t believe he actually asked you to work more so he could pay less child support!!! My ex quit his good paying job for one that paid 1/4 the salary to get out of paying as much child support.

  4. Helloooooo? *is this thing on?*

    • Um…yeah. I’ve had numerous posts formed in my head. It’s getting them to the keyboard that seems to be the problem. Too bad you can’t see the running blog in my mind. Or, maybe that’s a good thing…

  5. yeah i think I would be beyond mad myself too

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